Nancy Costa

For over 30 years, Nancy has cultivated her expertise, knowledge, and creativity in the field of Real Estate and Environmental healing work by fine tuning her different methodologies. Having the ability to influence the energy of the space harmonics greatly enhances the projects overall vibrational feel and success.

Ahead of her time, Nancy was one of the first agents to understand the importance of first impressions. Fearless, she took on leadership roles by project managing extensive upgrades, design, staging, and Feng Shui cures.

Free to express the unlimited possibilities, Nancy is practical in business and  naturally intuitive. This integration explains why her negotiation skills are exceptional.

Creative target marketing, social media optimization, and intentional selling. Relationships, integrity, reputation and a bit of magic are all apart of her determination in being the ‘Rain Maker”for the clients who invest their dreams in Nancy.

Committed to the over all well being of the environment along with the individuals that occupy the space is her passion and purpose.

Growing up in the Bay Area born in San Francisco I have had the pleasure to work all over the Bay Area and world wide being hired for Real Estate or her Heartfelt Spaces healing environmental consultation services.

Assisting her clients in making the best financial and heart centered discussions from a Holistic view point is extremely rewarding.

Nancy’s companies donate a portion of revenue to environmental causes…


Nancy Costa

About Nancy

Broker / Owner

With over 30 years of expertise in the field of Real Estate & Eco-Sustainable Design, Nancy’s ability to influence how a space “Looks” and “Feels” is her unique gift!


Nancy also makes sure that my personal energy is balanced, open and moving.  She is very intuitive and has helped guide me to healing.  To be honest, Nancy is one of the most influential people in my life! She just knows when to show up, and wonderful things begin to happen for me! Nancy may be little but she is one powerhouse of amazing energy.
So glad I know her!
Kristine B. - Livermore, CA