My #1 goal for my clients is to maximize their homes potential to achieve Top Dollar!

Having the unique ability to influence the look and energy of your home is a winning formula of success. A proven track record I am able to advise what is needed as I can see the possibilities from beginning to end all at once.

Market knowledge, skilled negotiator and extremely protective of my clients’ best interest are just a few of the services and qualities they can expect from our “Full Service Brokerage”, which takes all your needs and concerns to heart.

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Laser-focused for her Buyers, Nancy tunes into their needs by being an excellent listener along with her keen observation skills. Her Real Estate expert advice is invaluable especially in a competitive market place. Strong negotiator with passion Nancy likes to win on her clients behalf as she navagates them through the step by step process of purchasing a home.

Keeping current with ever changing market conditions is imperative keeping clients up to date by sending them up to date property information.

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Regardless if you are looking to secure a another property, flipping, cashing out, or doing a 1031 exchange, I have your back. I have worked with many investors over the years, and have a pulse on what you are wanting to achieve. I take the lead in Project coordination and am very aware of sensitive time frame situations.

My expert advice and strong negotiation skills is much appreciated. I feel honored by being called a “Rainmaker” from the investors I have had a pleasure working with over the years.

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Perfect Timing is Priceless!

Nancy Costa

About Nancy

Broker / Owner

With over 30 years of expertise in the field of Real Estate & Eco-Sustainable Design, Nancy’s ability to influence how a space “Looks” and “Feels” is her unique gift!


Nancy is very thorough; she doesn’t let anything pass her by. I noticed a significant shift in my home and in my children’s mood and sleep after her interventions. She is easy to talk to and obviously talented in her abilities regarding energetic balancing. She holds a lot of knowledge that is very useful… perhaps critical for health!
Leah L.